"We've got a friend or relative in the business, or he'll give us a cashback."

We certainly understand the temptation to give business to a friend or relative, especially if that person offers to give cashbacks but that should not be a reason to hire someone to handle one of the biggest financial transaction of your life.

The cautions you should consider about this are many:

First, a person who cuts his own professional fee reveals a mindset about how he works. It suggests he will be quickly and easily willing to give in while negotiating the price of your home too and urge you to accept an offer significantly higher than market value of the home.

Secondly, frankly, any agent offering cashbacks from his compensation must need the business, and that may tell you something about his clients’ satisfaction, referrals and reputation in the real estate community.

With these things in mind, you should very thoroughly question such an agent about his experience, number of sales, ratio between the asking

prices and final sales prices of his transactions. We would remind you that the purchase of your home is a very important, very substantial financial transaction, where an agent’s inexperience or over-promising or lack of financial resources may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

We provide a Negotiation Guarantee of $10,000 or more to our buyers*

We also provide them a Buy Back Guarantee in case they are not satisfied with their purchase*

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