From Icta & Sanjay

We DIDN’T call Jay Dewan when we needed to buy our home. 

In fact, we started the process with another agent, but it wasn’t easy. We were in the market for months, and while we saw lots of homes, most of them were just not for us even though they were in the price range we were looking and had the number of bedrooms and bathrooms we needed. Not only were we kept looking for a long time, but we also suffered the humiliation and frustration of a series of losses in multiple offers. It made us feel as if there was something terribly wrong with us. It was embarrassing. Any time we called our agent for help, he made us feel as if we were bothering him… as if we were pests. When we decided to let Jay’s Team do the job for us, we knew immediately that we would have a different experience. They sat down with us and asked us questions and all of us had a very clear picture of what the possibilities were, and the team members were much more knowledgeable and professional. They run their business more like a company, where everyone on the team has a specific role. When we had questions, they were always able to answer them. So, if anybody tells you that you’ll just be a “number” in a big real estate selling machine and might get better service from a small-time, solo agent who only sells a few properties a year, we say: think again.

Jay’s Team personally reviews every detail of your needs, watches the market like a hawk, works every single day, personally supervises every transaction, and is on top of getting your property purchased as quickly as possible for the best price with no stress for you. They are at it early in the morning and still at it late into the evening at least several times a week. And they are very demanding of the team to give each and every client a stress-free, wholly satisfactory experience. You just do not become among the Top Real Estate Sales Teams in all of Canada by accident, or by disappointing clients! If you want a GUARANTEED excellent experience and desirable results, their track record is a guarantee in its own right.

We wrote this note because we’ve gone through the purchase of our home, the stress of moving… and we’ve heard enough of the “horror stories” from other people who had really awful experiences trying to get their homes purchased before coming to Jay and Jaya Realty Team and getting the job done right (just like we did) … so I know you risk a lot of torture, delay, unhappiness, stress and possibly failure to get the right house by hiring anyone else. Even if you feel you’re immune to stress, who has the time these days to deal with the unnecessary hordes of poorly qualified houses, losing again and again in multiple offers, chasing down of the agent to bug him or her to see what’s going on…and if you do get frustrated, in all likelihood, it will be your family who will bear the brunt of it! None of that is necessary. In fact, I dare say that the key to not just a successful home purchase, but also a happier home life while getting your home sold, is letting Jay & Jaya Realty Team handle everything for you!

Call them.

Ankur & Shital

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