The 6 Reasons You Might... Choose A Less Experienced OR Less Successful Agent VS Jay Dewan

Reason #1 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

You’re afraid you won’t be a priority with Jay Dewan & His Team.

You might think you’ll be “lost” or “just a number,” given that we sell so many homes and work with so many clients. And you might think you’ll get more personalized service and more attention from a less successful, solo agent.

First, there’s a difference between “more attention” and best possible results. The point of this entire process is to get your home sold as quickly as possible, at top dollar, with the least inconvenience and hassle for you. The point is not to have your own “babysitter.”

But going beyond that, we believe – and our clients tell us – that we deliver an outstanding, exceptionally responsive client experience. We even have a COMMUNICATIONS GUARANTEE. With our Team Approach, you have Jay & the outstanding agents trained and supervised by Jay, and one Primary Agent assigned to you and the sale of your home. We are organized and equipped to efficiently and successfully manage a lot of transactions, yet have each client feel as if they were our only client!

You do NOT need to compromise – there’s no reason to sacrifice having the most successful real estate selling ‘machine’ working for you in order to get personalized “V.I.P treatment”!

Reason #2 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

“We’ve got a friend or relative in the business, and he’ll do it for less.”

We certainly understand the temptation to give business to a friend or relative, especially if that person offers to cut their commissions.

The cautions you should consider about this are many:

First, any agent cutting/discounting commissions must also cut and compromise the investments he makes in advertising, marketing and selling your home --- and that, in turn, may very well extend the time required to get it sold.

Second, a person who cuts his own professional fee reveals a mindset about how he sells. It suggests he will be quickly and easily willing to reduce the selling price of your home too and urge you to accept an offer significantly lower than your asking price.

Third, frankly, any agent discounting his compensation must need the business, and that may tell you something about his clients’ satisfaction, referrals and reputation in the real estate community.

With these things in mind, you should very thoroughly question such an agent about his experience, number of sales, ratio between the asking prices and final sales prices of his transactions.

We would remind you that the sale of your home is a very important, very substantial financial transaction, where an agent’s inexperience or over-promising or lack of financial resources to market your property may cost you weeks to months of delay, may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Reason #3 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

You know you won’t get Jay, and you do NOT want to deal with a “flunky.”

Unfortunately, some competing agents suggest this is true.

You should know that every one of the agents on Jay Dewan Team was hand-picked and trained by Jay, including getting all of the same training that over 18,000 agents from all over North America have paid to receive.

You should also know that each of our agents’ performance exceeds that of 99% of all the other agents in the Toronto area. The average performance of our agents includes selling lots of homes each year, working with dozens of buyers, and earning a personal income in the top of the entire real estate profession! To describe such an agent as a “flunky” is completely inappropriate and inaccurate. This is a “Top Gun Team” with experience, talent and dedication to client satisfaction unparalleled in this city or even in all of North America!

You have ALL of these extraordinary agents working to sell your home! And you have a Primary Agent in charge of your home’s sale.

You ALSO HAVE JAY DEWAN PERSONALLY, completely engaged in the sale of your home, from preparing the marketing plan to working with his agents.

In the corporate world, the team approach is the preferred way of getting things done. In manufacturing, there are design and engineering teams. In advertising, creative and client services teams. Even in real estate, were you to have a home built for you, you might hire the best architect you could find, but he would have another architect in his firm assigned to your project, there would be a contractor, then carpenters, plumbers, etc. – a team.

Here, you will have an entire team working on your behalf PLUS a key “point person” fully responsible for your home’s sale, accessible and responsible to you – and that is, in fact, a KEY person, NOT a “flunky.” AND you have Jay Dewan PERSONALLY working on your behalf and, when needed, in direct communication with you too.

Reason #4 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

“We think all real estate agents are basically the same and do basically the same thing.”

If you STILL believe that, after reviewing the facts in this Information Kit, we’re surprised!

Certainly, all real estate agents do basically the same things in the broad, general sense; they list and sell homes for sellers, they find buyers and help them buy homes. But this is like saying all doctors and hospitals do basically the same things. However, there are certain hospitals with a much higher success rate with heart operations than other hospitals. There are doctors that affluent, knowledgeable patients travel great distances to see, and there are doctors who struggle to get enough patients to barely eke out a living in their hometowns.

Admittedly, Jay Dewan and his Team are NOT the best choice for all sellers. We attract and have engineered our entire approach to selling homes and serving clients for, “individuals who have a profound preference for ‘the best’ – for having the most respected, qualified and capable professional handling their affairs.” If they have a medical need, they seek out the best doctor, not any doctor. So, for the very important financial matter of selling their home, they seek out and choose the most experienced, most successful real estate agent they can retain. If this describes you, then you know very well that all real estate agents can simply NOT be the same!

Simply put, there are very good reasons why Jay Dewan sells over 50 +homes a year while the average area agent sells less than 1. There are very good reasons why Jay Dewan & his Team are Top 1% Real Estate Team in Re/max Canadawide*

Reason #5 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

“It doesn’t matter which agent we use – our house will sell quickly anyway. We have a desirable home and it’s a hot market.”

Very frankly, it may be true that you can get your home sold by just about any agent, or even doing it yourself at times when the market is “super-heated” – when it seems most homes are selling quickly. Obviously, a “hot” market makes it easier for inexperienced agents, agents with limited resources to advertise and market properties and agents without the resources, the resources only we have – like our Buyers-In-Waiting Group, your 8000+ Buyers Database, Your Own Home Website, our Guaranteed Sales Program, Citywide Buyers Network and Top-of-Mind Awareness.

However, there can be a very big difference between just getting your home sold and getting your home sold RIGHT.

Experience and a successful track record really matter – at any time, in any type of market. Here’s why: You not only want your home sold as quickly as possible, but you want it sold for the highest possible price. You want it sold efficiently, without embroiling you in messed up documents, disputes, confusion, unnecessary open houses or traipsing lots of poorly qualified buyers through your home and disrupting your life. You want a smooth, flawless transaction. This is the kind of totally satisfying experience we pride ourselves on delivering to every client, evidenced by the more than 1,000 satisfied clients we have served over the past years, and the satisfied clients’ own comments you can find within this package and on our website at www.JayandJayaHomes.com

Reason #6 you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent.

“Why shouldn’t we just go with the agent who promises us the highest selling price?”

Anybody can promise anything. You need to look at an agent’s actual, documented track record to see how the promises are kept! We are happy to show you an entire year’s worth of transactions, with both the asking price and the final selling price, and will match the FACT that over 99% of all the homes we list sell for between 99% and 110% of the original asking price against any other agent’s record.

The thing is, if an agent makes you feel good by suggesting a price that is actually unrealistic and unattainable, there’s no real downside to him. He can later start bringing you substantially lower offers and urge you to accept them. On the other hand, pricing a property too low is a costly mistake. We monitor sales prices day to day in every neighborhood in GTA. We establish prices for hundreds of homes each year (more than any other agent in the Toronto area!) and, as just said, we have a terrific track record of getting the asking prices established. In short, we are proven “Truth in Pricing” experts. We know what a home can and will be sold for. We give our clients truthful, frank advice on price. And we negotiate “tough” with buyers to get our prices paid.

You should go with the agent with the best track record for accurately predicting and getting top dollar for the homes he lists.

The only good reason you might choose a less experienced or less successful agent than Jay Dewan.

Given all the facts and proof of exceptional results that we achieve for home sellers, we frankly can’t imagine any good reasons to choose any other agent --- except one: You might not qualify to be a Jay Dewan client, or we may not accept your home for sale. If we do not believe we can successfully sell your home in a period of time that will satisfy you or for a price that will satisfy you, we will not accept the listing – and we do, in fact, turn down listings. We also only accept and manage a certain number of listings at any one time, so there may be a time when we cannot immediately list your home, and you will have to be put on a waiting list or choose a different agent. Finally, you must understand and embrace our Team Approach. If we judge that you will not be a good client and not be well served or fully satisfied with our services, we will not accept you as a client.

In working with over thousands of clients over 15 years, we’ve identified these key factors, that our best clients share…
Preference for working with the most successful professionals they can
Willingness to listen to and act on expert advice
Values their own time, does not want it wasted – and respects our time as well
Appreciates a Step-By-Step System, with everybody on the same page
Understands the sale of their home is an important, complex financial transaction that should be carefully and expertly managed
Arrives at their decisions in a logical, thoughtful, businesslike manner
What Happens Next?
If you feel you are a good fit with us and would like to be a Jay Dewan client, simply call us at 647-208-6364 and speak with us to arrange for an appointment – where all of your questions can be answered, your home evaluated, and, if accepted, a listing agreement/client agreement put in place.

PLEASE Do NOT Call Jay If…
If you intend to interview a number of different agents, trotting them in and out of your house one after the other, you needn’t bother calling our office. We do not participate in such auditions. You should only call when you have made the decision to retain Jay if you can. Oh, we are happy to answer your questions and, of course, provide our own appraisal of your home to establish correct asking and target sale prices. And there’s no obligation on your part when you arrange for an in-home meeting and price analysis. But we simply do not have time to meet with casual, uncommitted buyers or ‘agent shoppers.’ Some weeks, there’s even a waiting list and we’re unable to schedule that first meeting immediately. If you still feel you must “shop” a lot of agents, please do so before calling us – and please use the AGENT SELECTION GUIDE included with this Information Kit.

One Other Note

If you are ready to sell your home now, you will obviously take immediate action. But even if you are reading this Information Kit several months before you plan to sell your home, it is appropriate to meet with us now, not later. We even have a special “HEAD START PROGRAM,” to insure that we can accept you as a client and go to work for you immediately the day you are ready, and to prepare at a relaxed pace to put your home on the market.

We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information is collected to send you the additional information that you requested about the real estate, mortgage, and affiliated products and services. If we cannot provide a product or service it may be provided by another agent or broker. For details please see the real estate marketing website privacy policy.