Pre-Appointment Activities 

  1. Send buyers daily listings matching their criteria.

  2. Send buyers information on steps involved in buying a home.

  3. Make an appointment with the buyer for a home buying presentation. 

  4. Send text or e-mail confirmation of the appointment and call to confirm. 

  5. Provide School Information as well as Recreation & Transit Information on buyers requested property. 

  6. Send buyers information about how much time it takes to buy a house.

  7. Send buyers information about median prices and approx monthly payments for various styles of homes in different cities.

  8. Send buyers information on great deals like bank foreclosures, distress sales, etc

  9. Send buyers a monthly market summary.

  10. Reply to questions on any property of interest.

Buying Appointment Presentation 

  1. Give buyers an overview of current market conditions and projections. 

  2. Review the salesperson’s / broker’s company credentials and accomplishments. 

  3. Present company profile and position or “niche” in the marketplace. 

  4. Discuss buyers real estate goals. 

  5. Explain the salesperson's role in screening qualified listings to protect against waste of buyers time.

  6. Explain different agency relationships and determine buyers preference. 

  7. If needed, advise mortgage brokers that a buyer may choose to speak with.

  8. Answer appointment questions. 

  9. Understand the buyer’s needs and wants by asking relevant questions.

  10. Educate buyers about the options of homes they can buy in different price ranges.

  11. Explain the buyer benefits of working with our team.

  12. Amend buyers criteria and send buyers listings based on refined criteria.

Once Buyer Starts Seeing Homes 

  1. Book showings for buyers.

  2. Review square footage. 

  3. Assess interior room sizes. 

  4. Review any properties that buyers have seen and liked, and update buyers if they get sold along with their sale price.

  5. Reply to feedback emails to sellers agents after showings.

  6. Review your daily Market Study and share with buyers what came to market and what sold.

  7. Place regular weekly update calls to buyers to discuss their real estate goals.

  8. Advise buyers what anticipated sale price shall be for any property of interest.

  9. Provide pros and cons of any property from our experience on buyers request.

  10. Send ‘Best Buy’ list of homes to buyers in addition to daily listings, thereby making it easier for buyers to choose which homes to physically look at.

The Offer and the Contract: 39 Items

  1. Confirm property is available by calling the seller’s agent. 

  2. Check with the seller's agent if they have had any prior offers on the property.

  3. Check the MLS history of the house.

  4. Research all comparable currently listed properties.

  5. Research sales activity for past months from MLS and public databases. 

  6. Research “Average Days on Market” for properties similar in type, price and location. 

  7. Prepare “Comparable Market Analysis” (CMA) to establish market value. 

  8. Do an in depth analysis over the current market value of the property while keeping in mind market conditions, recent sales along with other pros and cons of the property.

  9. Prepare a detailed list of the property’s amenities and assess market impact. 

  10. Research the property’s ownership and deed type. 

  11. Research the property’s public record information for lot size and dimensions. 

  12. Verify legal description. 

  13. Research property’s land use coding and deed restrictions.

  14. Research property’s current use and zoning. 

  15. Verify legal names of the owner(s) in the public property records. 

  16. Prepare a Buyer presentation package with the above materials. 

  17. Confirm current public schools and explain their impact on market value. 

  18. Present CMA results, including comparables, solds, current listings and expireds. 

  19. Offer professional strategy based and interpretation of current market conditions. 

  20. Review all clauses in the contract and obtain the buyer's signature. 

  21. Review current title information. 

  22. Confirm lot size via owner’s copy of certified survey, if available. 

  23. Note any and all unrecorded property lines, agreements and easements. 

  24. Obtain house plans, if applicable and available. 

  25. Calculate average utility usage from the last 12 months of bills as per seller on buyer’s request. 

  26. Prepare a detailed list of the property’s “Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale.” 

  27. Obtain a list of completed repairs and maintenance items. 

  28. Explain benefits of Home Owner Warranty to buyers. 

  29. Assist buyers with completion and submission of Home Owner Warranty application. 

  30. Obtain pre-qualification letter on buyer from loan officer, if available. 

  31. Negotiate all offers on buyer’s behalf, setting time limit for loan approval and closing date. 

  32. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance or amendments to the seller's salesperson/broker. 

  33. Email copies of contract and all addendums to closing attorney.

  34. When an Offer-to-Purchase contract is accepted and signed by the buyer, ensure delivery to the seller's salesperson/broker. 

  35. Record and promptly deposit buyer’s money into an escrow account. 

  36. Deliver copies of the fully signed Offer-to-Purchase contract to buyers. 

  37. Email copies of the Offer-to-Purchase contract to the selling salesperson / broker. 

  38. Email copies of the Offer-to-Purchase contract to the lender. 

  39. Provide copies of the signed Offer-to-Purchase contract for the office file. 

Home Inspection: 3 Items

  1. Coordinate buyers' professional home inspection with the seller's agent. 

  2. Review home inspector’s report. 

  3. Assist buyers with identifying and negotiating with trustworthy contractors for required repairs, if needed. 

The Appraisal: 3 Items

  1. Schedule the appraisal. 

  2. Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to appraisers, if needed. 

  3. Review results of Home Inspection with buyers and suggest any trades for repairs.

Closing Preparations and Duties : 6 Items

  1. Coordinate the closing process with the seller's salesperson/broker.

  2. Update closing forms and files. 

  3. Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale. 

  4. Work with the seller's salesperson / broker in scheduling and conducting the buyers final walk-through prior to closing.

  5. Book pre-close showing appointments for the buyers to view the house.

  6. Make a note and discuss any shortcomings observed at a pre-close buyer visit.