Buying a home doesn't have to be a stressful event. As many people think, with a little planning and foresight, the experience can be positive and exciting. It's important to begin by making a list of what you want in your new home. Prioritize them according to what you need and what you want. 

Some attributes you may consider are the neighborhood, the size of the home, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, parking schools, or proximity to work. Once you've determined how much you can afford a simple way to get started is to drive around the neighborhoods. 

You, like a good agent, will use all resources and a team to find you the best home, arrange for the best financing, negotiate the lowest price and meet all your home buying needs. It's important to remember that an agent is compensated through a seller, not a buyer, and therefore there's no direct cost to you for their services. 

Remember that not all agents are the same and that picking the right agent for you can literally save you thousands of dollars. Some specific questions you may ask an agent should include: What makes you different from the other agents? What is your track record for homes in our price range? Do you work alone or with a team of qualified professionals? And do you offer a Buyer Profile System to help match homes to our needs? 

Keep in mind that successful agents may receive preferred access to special low financing. This benefit can give you a competitive advantage when securing your mortgage, while saving you thousands over the duration of your term. I wish you all the best in finding the home of your dreams.